DrawFX – early task board screencast

A screencast for an early version of a task board … So for now we have a basic task board and a basic drawing board … All done in JavaFX, and it’s not going to change … More to come …


6 Responses to DrawFX – early task board screencast

  1. @Alji_ says:

    Bonjour, je suis interessé par vos projets Java – JavaFX … vous etes GitHubber ? Merci

  2. Tom says:

    It kinda resembles my Google Calendar control from JFXtras; also vertical bars where squares are being dragged onto. Did you implement this with AbsolutePanes?

    • Thierry WASYL says:

      I didn’t take a look at your calendar in JFXtras … Only when you asked if you were blond 😉 I just used AnchorPanes and the stickies are an AnchorPane with a -fx-shape in order to draw the sticky 🙂

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