Why being a Rebel is hot and spicy?

I usually write technical articles about what is hot and spicy in software development, or at least what I think is hot and spicy. Well, I will make a little exception this time and write about why it is also hot and spicy being a RebelLabs author. If you’re reading this, you probably know what RebelLabs is: a house of geeky ninjas that like to write technical content about hot topics in our geeky development world. According Oliver White, head of RebelLabs:

Developers enjoy the additional “spice” of RebelLabs–we’ve managed to create a reliable content machine producing challenging, opinionated and humorous technical content for all software engineers to enjoy. Recently I saw this quote about RebelLabs by Rafael Winterhalter, in a recent Developer of the Week interview by DZone, and I think it sums things up very nicely: “I like RebelLabs a lot, especially since they manage to be both competent and humorous which is a rather rare combination.” —

Finding passion in the geeky world of development

As a geek, I’m passionate about software development, especially about Java and more recently, JavaFX. This passion leads me to go to people and say “Hey look, I discovered some pretty awesome new stuff”. But you can’t do this with your wife or your grandma, right? You won’t be understood … So frustrating …

But as passionate geek, I still need to tell somebody what I have discovered, tested and developed because I’m proud of it. Yeah you read right, proud of it. It is like being a kid having the latest trendy toy who shows everybody he has it. It is the same for me with software development. RebelLabs brings me the possibility of doing it, with a lot of fun.

I don’t need to write about old tools, APIs, languages and so on. I need to find a subject, find a way of making it attractive and interesting, and write. And when it’s published it’s like telling the world how proud you are. It is like your work being concrete and not only stored on your computer, right? Haven’t you ever felt that feeling of pride when you’ve developed the next most awesome API and nobody is using it?

The open source writer

We all know open source projects, developed by passionate ninjas to help other ninjas (or not) do their jobs better and make them easier by bringing them tools, APIs and other shiny stuff. I know a couple of those. One of them, Guillaume Scheibel (@g_scheibel and Hibernate OGM contributor) told me some time ago, that in the beginning it was not that easy to code in open source projects because you show the way you code to everyone and you have to accept remarks from others giving you advices of how doing things better. You have to accept remarks and sometimes it is not that easy. Writing is almost the same because you show the world what you’ve done and how you write. Double pressure.

I accept both because what you learn is much greater than this. Why is it? Because I work with guys that are as passionate as me and who like to teach you things about writing, tools and more. They don’t want to take you down in what you’re writing, but raising you up. And remarks are always constructive. It helps you do things better.

I also think this needs a little bit of courage. You, and I, have to be brave before publishing your first article. I needed some to accept the opinions of others, I needed some to accept the remarks and comments about my opinion, way of writing and way of thinking. I needed some to accept that other ninjas will take a look and possibly prove me wrong. But at the end the discussion will bring you a lot of point of view, a lot of ideas and you will always have the chance to be better next time.

Being visible

There is a really nice side effect of writing for RebelLabs: you are visible and you’re getting more and more known. People are reading your articles, looking at your Twitter profile, reading your blog and so on. It is a nice recognition to have people with more experience than you reading your articles, commenting on them and sometimes offering you their point of view.

You start to grow much more, and very quickly. And people can see that you are passionate, up to date, open minded and full of resources. It is a very positive image you’re giving of yourself.

You also benefit of the RebelLabs’ image, so you are more considered as experimented because if you’re not, you’re going to know it very quickly. So it is good for RebelLabs and it is good for you as well.

Hot and spicy instead of glory

To conclude, I write for fun. I write because I like to share my knowledge. I write because I’m passionate. I write because I like to write. I don’t write for any glory. I’m humble enough to admit there are plenty of ninjas out there that are thousands times better than me. But I am always looking for new challenges and I like to share them because maybe it could help other ninjas like you.

It’s a great opportunity to write for RebelLabs, and I like it very much. I can only encourage you to think about it, because being a Rebel is freakin’ awesome, and it’s hot and spicy!